Young World Leader Program


Young World Leader Program

The program espouses ethical as well as futuristic yet practical values. Based on which YWL has created a leadership pyramid for the leaders of tomorrow.

The Leader ladder

Young people of age not more than 30 are eligible to climb the ladder of leadership where proper assessment and certification is done on each step.

  1. YWL beginner Certification (2 days program): The orientation certification program that provides all the basic information about the entire program
  2. Values & Ethics Certification: One week program for instilling the highest moral and ethical spirit in the participants.
  3. Global Leadership Certificate: 4 week program filled with seminars and activities to shape up the young leaders
  4. Community Leadership Certificate: 6 months long program to work with the community
  5. Young World Leader Certificate:
    1. Top 3 participants from the previous level are going to be selected for this 1 month long program which will be held internationally.
    2. This is the master program getting through which will make any participant eligible for contesting for any global portfolio.

Young World Leader is a platform for the young world to create a better future. To know more about how to participate and other eligibility criteria, contact us.