Sapiens Talk


Sapiens Talk is a nonprofit, non-partisan entity of the ARK World. The idea behind the Sapiens Talk stems from a deeper human understanding that without the subjective eccentricities on a very basic level all human beings are the same. Everyone thinks in terms of stories, everyone believes in the stories and most importantly ideas get exchanged in the form of stories.

The initiative encourages people to look around for the lives they deem extraordinary, whose stories they think deserve to be heard. Sapiens Talk asks people to nominate such souls for the furtherance of their ideas or achievements they represent. The initiative hopes to materialize this movement of ideas into a community of the people by the people and for the people where inspiration and ideas are in abundance. Any person associated with the program in any capacity is a person contributing to the mission and is called a ‘Sapien’.

The future the initiative envisions is full of appreciation and positive energy, which is why the program aims to:

  1. Create an ‘Idea-First’ Society, where creativity and inspiration traverse freely without any boundaries
  2. Increase awareness regarding people’s surroundings which would consequently result in a society more conscious and proud of their achievers
  3. Facilitate the exchange of ideas which culminates into a more knowledgeable society
  4. Materialize a more knowledgeable society that does well on all the social fronts, such as Equality, Justice, and freedom
  5. Conceptualize a free and fair system

For more information about the Sapiens Talk and upcoming events, please visit: