Global Innovators & Entrepreneurs Network GiENET


Global Innovators & Entrepreneurs Network (GIENET) is an enabling program that connects and empowers Entrepreneurs and Innovators around the world. GIENET Startup-Village, a sub-program program on the similar lines, is an all-encompassing echo system for budding entrepreneurs in India and the World.

Both programs GIENET & GIENET Startup Village are run by a non-profit organization named, Training Enhancement and Placement Monitoring Organization (TEPMO).


The program is aimed at creating ecosystems to accommodate collaboration and entrepreneurial innovation around the Global, along the lines of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its centers across the world, as well as partners and allied networks. GIENET works on making the visionaries, innovators, and corporates a part of the healthy system of supply and demand. Whatever the demand may be, the program finds the right connections, therefore, the right solutions for it. GIENET brings sustainable solutions to the table by assimilating the possible stakeholders in one network and in the process connecting them to others like pieces of the same puzzle.

GIENET Startup village

Startup village is a 20,000 sq.ft. facility with food and stay provisions to accommodate around 400 entrepreneurs from all over the world. The program aims to create a Green Corridor for entrepreneurship and innovation in India and the rest of the world. The facility espouses an excellent co-working space, which matches the standards of Facebook and Google headquarters. The program has incubated promising start-ups in the past and has gone fully live from February 2018.

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