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8:53 PM, 12 May, 2018


May 13, India: GIENET announces the commencement of its Spanish operation from 1st July 2018. The operation will begin in the city of Valencia with three young entrepreneurs leading the team in Spain. Camila Maria is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company.

With an objective to provide end to end Entrepreneurship & Innovation echo-system in Spain, GIENET has created a digital platform to connect global innovators and entrepreneurs. GIENET will be offering an array of services to the aspiring entrepreneurs at a very reasonable cost, the services include;

1. Entrepreneurship Training

2. Product Development Support

3. Co-Working Space

4. Investor Support

5. Skill Enhancement Programs

6. Marketing Support

7. Consultancy Services

There are three special initiatives being taken by GIENET-SPAIN, a special program called iWomen shall be started to promote and empower women entrepreneurs. Affirmative Action is the second special initiatives which will help smaller manufacturers to get associated / empaneled with the bigger manufacturers. The third program is called as iSupport, under which we have designed special entrepreneurship training programs to train un-employed youths of Spain. We shall be also assisting all our incubates in seeking investment from various parts of the world. 

As GIENET promotes iWomen, it will be our unsaid mandate that all our global operations head will be women, it’s a small initiative to promote women empowerment, and there are many special initiatives being framed towards women entrepreneurship. Miss. Camila Maria has been named CEO of the company operating from Valencia, Spain. Javier Rosello shall head the Services segment of the company whereas Victor Crespo shall look after the Marketing & Sales of the company.