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Prakashi Tomar

6:12 PM, 04 Mar, 2019

Pune: iWGA is delighted to present this year’s Awardee in Sports category, Prakashi Tomar. At age of 60, when people retire, Prakashi picked up a gun for the fulfilment of the dreams of her daughters and granddaughters in a district which is notoriously infamous for honor killings and female foeticide. Prakashi Tomar has mentored 40 international shooters in her village’s primitive shooting range.

Prakashi opted for the career in the age when most of the people think to give up work. When she started going to the shooting range, people, mostly males, trolled her and passed comments like, 'go and join the army' and 'go for Kargil' etc. But these comments in passing only emboldened. Putting aside the criticism she focused on the target, which catapulted her to the helm of popularity and set an example for the society, critics and her coming generations. Now, her daughter Seema Tomar is an International champion and people in the village take her name with pride and honor. She gives free shooting coaching to village girls.

We, at iWGA, appreciate her courage and marvel at her strength. We wish Prakashi great health and loads of success for further endeavors.