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Ritu Biyani

5:53 PM, 04 Mar, 2019

Pune: iWGA proudly presents this year’s Special Mention Jury Award winner, Dr. [Capt.] Ritu Biyani. An able Dentist, a mammoth Adventurer, a highly spirited Cancer Survivor, and overall an Inspirational human being, she considers herself a pathfinder with truckloads of 'never-give-up-spirit'.

Ritu is the First Lady Paratrooper, mountaineer, and skydiver from the Indian Army Dental Corps where she served for 10 years. She was the First Woman from her community-Maheshwari Marwadi and Gujarati- to join the Indian Army in 1981.

A Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ turned Campaigner, she exemplifies strength, courage, dedication, and innovation which is also seen in her pioneering Project Highways. Highways Infinite ‘Control Cancer Before Cancer Controls you’ equip people with enough knowledge, proper resources, and immediate expertise, across the continuum of cancer in general from prevention to end of life care and beyond.

Dr. Biyani is also a record 3-time India’s Limca Book of Record Holder (2007, 2008 and 2014), Ritu is the ONLY person in India who travels often solo, into remote, rural to urban setups including Basties, villages, high altitudes, places where there is social unrest and hard to reach areas. Reaching and cutting across barriers, she takes cancer awareness and motivational campaigns right to the doorsteps of myriad communities across India.

To date, she has driven solo lakhs of kilometers (2,00,000+), educated lakhs (3,00,000+) of people on cancer awareness, navigated thousands of patients and caregivers through their cancer journeys, raised financial and resources aid for needy patients and inspired many from all walks of life across the world.

We, at iWGA, appreciate her courage and caregiving attitude. We wish her all the luck and great results for further endeavors.