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The UnattainableIidea of Mindfulness for Women

6:05 PM, 19 Jan, 2019

When huge battles get over, in terms of consequences, they leave a permanent mark in our collective conscience; isn't it the smaller ones that decide the fate of any society. Battles that are fought and won and most of the times lost in conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Imagine reaching your office in the morning already exhausted with whatever transpired on your way there. Just think of that stiffness that pervades your body at the end of a very tense day. That constant tension and brittleness that not just dulls your immune system but also lulls your focus. Now imagine yourself going through this routine over and over again for the rest of your life.

It’s an established fact that human beings can’t multitask. Yes, we can plan meticulously and execute ruthlessly but when it comes to dividing attention between two or more tasks at the same time, our overall efficiency takes a nudge, if not a huge dip. Now imagine being a woman in a society where every other street corner has unsolicited comments waiting for you, some random people stalking you, some overenthusiastic upstart imitating Bollywood heroics in order to get your attention and ultimately harass you. It’s a clear case of one battle not finishing and another starting in a loop. Sounds exhausting right? Well, that’s the daily routine of a working woman for you.

After all these years of economic and technological advancements, we are still struggling to provide our women a safe environment both in terms of physical and psychological space.

Until or unless there is a level playing field given for exercising mindfulness, it is impossible for women to achieve their true potential. To compete at any level you need to work without any distraction. Or rather the distractions should be of your own choice and not based on the accident of your birth. In order to be decisive and upward looking a person must be given a chance to rise above the trivialities that swim around in the ether.

The everyday sexism, harassment, and all sorts of biases choke the mind of its focus and bring about a sort of cynicism in attitude that alters a person’s overall outlook on life. This cynicism discourages women of all ages from all classes to go further in their personal as well as professional lives.

Exercising mindfulness is your birthright. Raise your voice for what's yours. Guard your space staunchly and demand it to be guarded and respected by the society and the system. There is no doubt you have to keep on fighting for it so that at least you have the generations to come have something to thank you for.  And hey, knowing what you are fighting for wins you half the battle, doesn’t it?