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The Constrained Idea of Freedom

6:02 PM, 19 Jan, 2019

The best-selling author of the book, ‘The handmaid’s tale’ has many quotes to her credit. But the one that I used above, has a certain kind of eastern calling to it. A sort of truth that exceeds the boundaries of human existence and speaks for all the natural truths combined. It tells you that things grow inside-out and not outside-in. It doesn’t draw attention to itself but alludes to something that is true in terms of both outward and inward journey of a person.

Now, here it must be stressed that ‘active participation’ is of the utmost importance in any journey. You can’t be the hero of your or someone else’s story by merely watching from a distance. The idea of a safe distance puts people, especially women out of the sight of the active role-playing. Decisions are made for you and further, safe passages are carved out for you.

This journey that you deem important enough, must become your tool to uncover your truth. After all, a person’s truth is nothing but the combination of his experiences and observations along the journey of his life.

As a woman, fighting for equality is not enough. One must defy rules too, for they have been there since time immemorial to stifle dissent. In order to devise something new and gaining true wisdom in the process, one must stick her neck up in the hope of catching the wind that blows unruffled, finely in tune with nature. A warrior must choose his or her battles wisely. If you get sucked into somebody else’s idea of a battle, you’ll only win or lose to conform to the existence of their world.

Margaret Atwood, the author of over 40 books of poetry, fiction, essays etcetera is a fine example of a person who chose her battles wisely. She chose to play the game by her own rules and not react to the rules made by someone else. She created universes. She created conflicts for her characters in those universes and won her own battles in the process.

A freedom which is a prize of overcoming a set of rules loses its meaning the moment of its conception.

I’ll leave you with the above statement. If it persists in your head for more than a day, trust me it is worth having a relook at your idea of freedom.