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Extend Your Support For Cause "Cinnamon"

3:58 PM, 06 Nov, 2018

iWoman Global Awards is creating the awarness against the colour bias around the world. We have name the campaign as #Cinnamon. You can come forward and support this campaign by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Take a Colour Print of Image 

2. Write Your Message (To End Colour Bias)

3. Take A Picture With This Image

4. Send It To Us on

5. Also Post It On Your Social Handles / Or Post On Our FB Page

Color racism is not new to us. It’s been around since we were apes possibly. It’s been all around the world, in devolving and developed countries, in educated and un-educated household, in rich and poor, in liberal and conservative societies.

We are obsessed with fair skin. Fairness product market in India is worth $ 450 million and it is growing 18% annually. Many of us have added to this industry in our teenage and adult years knowingly, unknowingly, under pressure or with own choice. Many of us have faced the discrimination on skin color in family, at schools and at workplace. Having been there, experienced that, isn’t it our righteous responsibility, to safe guard our next generation from Color racism.

Let's stand together to fight colour racism by promoting and #volunteering the program #CINNAMON.