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12:47 PM, 04 Sep, 2018

IWGA 2019 Theme: Color racism is not new to us. It’s been around since we were apes possibly. It’s been all around the world, in devolving and developed countries, in educated and un-educated household, in rich and poor, in liberal and conservative societies. Many think that color racism in India is gift of colonial era. Really! Then what about our Veda’s, Purana’s and other religious scripts, which are full of explaining beauty with skin,color.

What about those “nani ma ke nuske” which has so many recipes to get a fairer skin. What about our Goddess who are portrayed to be fair skinned always expect for “Kali”. So let’s stop blaming the colonial era completely and accept our own contribution to it as well.

We at “Cinnamon” don’t want to take “Change the Thought” approach; or to fight it out justifying it to people. Rather We would like to help those under this color discrimination to keep their head high, specially the children and teenagers. Color racism is one of the main causes of low self esteem, low self worth, lacking confidence, loneliness, depression, and self-hatred in our children today.

Cinnamon is a program designed to target these feeling, arrest them and work on it to help our kids overcome their inhibitions. Cinnamon is a common program for all kids not only for specific skin color. Through this program we aim to make our children to be comfortable, to be able to think beyond skin color and to help them grow up as confident and happy adults.

“Cinnamon” will give them an understating about being blessed, being with family, being able to study and being able to “Choose”. This program will enable them to handle any color racism situation without getting affected. It is designed to make our children understand that happiness, peace and success doesn’t depend on skin color but on our sincere efforts and self-confidence.