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From Pune To Purdue University

3:13 AM, 29 Aug, 2018

Dr. Swati Bhagwat-Pol is a Research Scientist at Chemical Engineering Dept of Purdue University, in the USA. She is currently involved in developing a prototype to convert natural gas directly to electric power using advanced nano photonics technology. It’s for use of portable applications such as domestic utilization in developing countries, commercial use and military purposes. She earned her PhD in Materials Science from Bar-Ilan University, Israel and has led many projects at Purdue University and at Argonne National Laboratory Chicago.

She has done an extraordinary job of initiating and exploring environmentally benign research efforts to synthesize nanomaterials. The escalating volume of waste plastic is causing stern negative environmental and human health impacts as it requires hundreds of years to degrade in the atmospheric conditions. She has developed a solvent free, green process for the conversion of used plastic bottles into technologically important carbonaceous products which can be further put to use in rechargeable batteries, lubricants, etc

To date, she has filed two US patents, has published more than 45 high impact research papers which are cited by other researchers in their studies and has presented her research in several international conferences in USA, Israel, Spain & India. She has been honored by Chicago Foundation for Women's Asian American Leadership Council, USA for her exceptional work.