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Tisser: Connecting Artisans All Over India

3:12 AM, 29 Aug, 2018

The diversity of the Indian culture is mirrored in the immense diversity of art and handicraft in our 29 states. But, while our economy remains in transition, the handicrafts sector is still reeling in from the fatal blow of the colonial rule. Our rural artisans and weavers continue to face challenges in terms of productivity, input and that of a fragmented value chain. This is exactly what Tisser has tried to facilitate and overcome since its inception. It was while working as a consultant with the World Bank for the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), initiated by the Government of India and several other standalone projects, that She realised the plight of our indigenous artisans and weavers and started Tisser.

Tisser, which is being bootstrapped and initially started with 100 artisans, has now reached 10,000 artisans in just a span of a year and a half. It has woven a network of opportunities for the rural artisans and weavers to showcase their talent at an international level. Having started initially with just 2 products, it now provides customers with a range of more than 300 products to choose from, spanning across the categories of clothing, artefacts, and accessories.

Tisser has initiated an end to end cluster development in 25 clusters, this would generate a sustainable livelihood for more than 2500 women from rural Maharashtra. For this extraordinary work she has been honoured with many awards.