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A Socialits - Lalita Nijhawan

12:18 PM, 16 Feb, 2018

Mrs. Lalita Nijhawan has devoted her life for gender justice and empowerment of women on a state, national and international level. She has largely worked with the poorest of the poor in isolated tribal villages of India facing locations as treacherous as the terrains of Tripura and as dry as the deserts of Banswara, Rajasthan. Paying little regard to the threat to her life she moved forward and farther down her path of bringing education to both sexes. She still marches forward as a torchbearer for women in all cross sections, from providing facilities for girl child to empowering university students and furthermore by being a moral compass for intellectual groups of Delhi’s elite society.

An upholder of nationalistic and rich cultural values, she embraces the vision of an ideal nation and brings such thought to her work as an avid social activist. The progressive temperament of providing empowerment tools to women is balanced with ‘samskaras’ garnered through inheritance.

She is an avid believer that through the collective effort of women, policies, laws, and the legal system can be changed to be more gender sensitive and egalitarian.

Ever since her younger days, Lalita Nijhawan has championed the cause of the less fortunate people of the country and has never missed a chance to work diligently for their betterment. For her, the nation matters the most. Her latest passion is writing on current issues for which she has been considerably acknowledged.

She is an entrepreneur, educationist, social activist, and a prolific writer.  She is a post graduate from University of Delhi, topper of her college. She was  only 25 years old when she initiated her career by establishing a school in Vasant Vihar. She completed British Airways Course  in 1979 from the UK, scoring 94%. She was also offered a scholarship to do a doctorate programme in Psychology from the University of Geneva based on her research paper during her Master's degree on cognitive development in children. After running her school successfully for 10 years, under the umbrella of Nijhawan Group she ventured in the travel business founding 'Travel Boutique' now known as ‘Travel Boutique Online’, a family enterprise that has flourished and marked its presence the world over since its inception.       

Her latest passion is writing on current issues for which she has been considerably acknowledged.