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Startup Boot Camp

6:12 PM, 08 Sep, 2018

Aurangabad: P.E.S. College of Engineering, Aurangabad, is conducting a "Startup Boot Camp" from 1st October 2018. 100 startups will be selected through a rigorous process and will be put in 90 days acceleration program. Selection process will be done by 26th September 2018. 

The selected 100 starup will get mentoring support, investment support, training, product development support and free co-working space. At the end of the of 3 months acceleration, we will cho0se three startups for dedicated support from ideaion to product development. 

The application link for the #BootCamp registration shall be open from 10th September 2018 by 3.00 PM. The entire 3 months acceleration program is sponsored by P.E.S. College of Engineering, Aurangabad. If anyone wants a stay facility, even that will be provided during the acceleration period.