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According to the latest Agricultural Census of India, a staggering 61.5% of the Indian population is rural and dependent on agriculture. The number of farming households stands somewhere around 159.6 million. There is no denying that India as a rising economy as well as a world power remains deeply rooted in its agriculture sector.

And as technological advances and the IT revolution makes up for the lost years of development, another crisis looms on the horizon. Humanitarian catastrophe caused by an over-burdened, forever distressed agriculture sector. With the lack of reliable infrastructure and channels to participate in the system like an active player, our farmers are facing uncertainity so much so that they are choosing death over life. They are committing suicides. In the absence of the embrace from the system, they are embracing death.

Our farmers are committing suicide in hundreds and rendering their families vulnerable, sometimes homeless, with mounds of debts to clear. In a society where women emancipation is a big issue, a farmer’s death evokes unsurmountable challenges especially for women and the children.

That is why, we at ARK, feel that it is our duty to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow Indians who indulge in agrarian activities. We have taken the pledge of support for the betterment of the conditions surrounding our farmers by providing them required assistance.

From skill development programs for women and youth such as sewing machine centers to basic healthcare and quality education, we aim to contribute towards a future that has no space, even for the contemplation, for suicide for any farmer.

With economists of all hues and milieu coming up with all sorts of analyses and solutions to address the issue at hand, it is of absolutely no doubt that the general apathy towards the plight of farmers plays a huge role in their worsening condition.

Therefore, it is our humble request to you to support our farmers and help reshape their future by supporting our program ‘Care For Farmers’. Through our CFF program, we at WA Parking donate a significant amount of profits to the welfare of farmers. We would like to encourage our users to do the same. You can start by contributing Rupee 1, every time you use our services. We at WA Parking will also be contributing the same amount as you donate.

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