Development of an individual - physically, mentally and spiritually is well known aim of education. Objectives related to this aim of individual development have been expressed in various ways. The aim of education is two-fold (i) Development of the individual in society and (ii) Consequent development of the society.

Since citizens of India are its most valuable resource, our billion-strong nation needs the nurture and care in the form of basic education to achieve a better quality of life. This warrants an all-round development of our citizens, which can be achieved by building strong foundations in education. In pursuance of this mission, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) was created on September 26, 1985, through the 174th amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. We have done a good amount of work to make learning effective at school and college levels, below mentioned are our educational objectives.

  • To provide education to blind handicap, deaf and dumb and mental retired girls and boys. Give them vocational training.
  • Continuous teacher training programs and upgrading them, as per new additions in all fields.
  • To operate child school, convent, primary, secondary schools, colleges, medicals, engineering, agriculture and nursing college, computer training school, adult training school, hostels, ashram school and industrial training institutions.
  • Establish and operate and manage the computer training courses, computer correction and occupational training center, government sanctioned degree, diploma in computer training center.
  • To conduct, manage and the healthcare by using modern articles.
  • Establish convent, primary, secondary schools, colleges for development of children.
  • Establish Ashram school for the orphan, wanderer, shelterless children and give them vocational training for their all-round development.
  • Give vocational base educational training for handicap boys and girls and provide facility of hostel for them.
  • Arrange the programs of Balsanskar for children like orphan, wanderer, shelterless and provide them the facility of hostels.
  • Provide the child development plans and schemes of child education which run through the social welfare offices, Central and State Government.
  • Do work for rehabilitation and education for handicap.
  • Run D.Ed, B.Ed colleges of handicap for their welfare.