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Power Women - A Salute to Courage and Determination

5:44 AM, 20 Jan, 2019

“A few fights accidentally, few choose to fight, while a few are born fighters who become warriors”, Dr. Mandale said this. There are some women who personify these lines. Let us have a quick look at their achievements and their contribution to the society on the occasion of International women’s day. (8th March 2019).

Malala Yousufzai, who is hardly 21 years old, is so determined to get herself educated that she risked her life to live up to her dreams. And in that process turned them into reality. It is rightly said that “No matter where we come from, our dreams are always valid.” Being unjust to someone is a crime, but tolerating injustice is a step ahead than that; Malala realized this. She fought this injustice and published her article through the medium of the internet and showed Taliban’s real face to the whole world. After which she was targeted by the Talibani forces. She nearly lost her life in a deadly attack. But recovered in due time. Now she is taking her cause worldwide in various ways. She was recently awarded ‘Global Peace and Child Nobel Prize’ for her bravery and courage.

Oprah Winfrey, the American talk-show host was born in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother and was later raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood. She experienced considerable hardships during her childhood. She was raped at the age of 14. Her son died in infancy. While she was recovering from this setback, she took up a job in radio while being in high school and began co-anchoring. Oprah says’ “Failure is the stepping stone towards success”. She says that there is no such thing as failure. Today she is one of the most inspirational women in the world. People across the globe are eager to listen to her motivational talks.

Mary Kom, who bagged the Olympic medal as a boxing champion, has set an example as to how one must punch the challenges in life. She comes from a family with an agricultural background. Boxing became her passion in life. She says that it is only because of Onler that I could contribute towards boxing filed. She has three kids. She speaks to every married woman when she says that “There is a time to do every particular thing; we must do it readily and happily”.

Laxmi is a 16-year-old acid attack survivor who as a result of some crazy guy’s unmet expectations in unrequited love is now defaced and deformed for her entire life. Her parents got her treated with the whatever little savings that they had. She is now working with SAA (STOP ACID ATTACKS). She has been awarded ‘International women of courage’ by the American Government.

After this incident she wrote this poem,Yailch tuzya kanavar, sangitl jail tulavarnvar, ekava chlagal tula ki , acid fekun jo chehara tu jalun takayala gelas , tyach cheharyavar aaj maz prem ahe, tu kitihi kondun ghatlas swatahala kalya kutta andharatta rihi tuzya kanavar padtilch mazya jagnyachya varta . kalach oza watel tula avghad hoil eke k kshan jevha tula kalel ki mi jivant ahe, mukta ahe, mazi sagli swapna jagtey, tya swapnananhi satat nava bahar yetoy.” Similarly, a girl named Sonali Mukherjee fought against caste discrimination. She too is a victim of acid attack. She did not remain a victim and fought back.

Sudha Menon, did a commendable job in the field of Journalism and later also became a well-known writer. The Journey of pursuing dreams was not easy. There were many hurdles in the way. But she considered those hurdles as challenges and never looked back. There was a treasure in her house right from her childhood and that treasure was nothing but books. This helped her inculcate the habit of reading within her. She says. “I believe that if we read a lot, which in itself will propel us towards writing and expressing ourselves through words.” She also says that it was only through Journalism that she could interview and interact with inspirational ladies. This eventually led to her improved writing skills.  Her book, ‘Leading ladies’ was an outcome of the inspiration that she got through her work and women who have set benchmarks in their respective fields.

Lila Poonawalla, the founder of Lila Poonawalla Foundation does not have biological kids but, today she is the mother of more than 2000 girls. Her foundation was formed with the aim to support the girls financially to complete their primary and higher education, and to make them competitive in today’s fast-paced world. ‘Educate the girl child’ is the foundation’s mission. The Energy and enthusiasm with which Mrs. Poonawalla works even at the age of 69 are surprising and inspiring too. We still remember, in spite of having fractures in both the legs she did not relax at home but worked with double the enthusiasm.

Successful people do not relax in chairs. They feel relaxed with their work. They sleep with their dreams and wake up with a commitment to materialize them.

Written by – Rita Madanlal Shetiya