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Unleash Your Inner Werewolf

6:11 PM, 19 Jan, 2019

Why wait till the next full moon? Just summon the cells of your body to transform and let your inner beast take over you. Because you have enough reasons to be angry about.

  • Do you need every other political party to tell you that they are there for your emancipation? Ladies, I am talking to you.

It’s your right to take what's yours. Do whatever it takes to get it. Are you not strong enough to do what’s good for you? Of course, you are!! 

  • Should you wait for an actress or a fashion guru to show you what to wear at a wedding?

Nope, absolutely not. The only thing you need to wear is confidence. Unless you are a designer, in that case, go design your own clothes.

  • Should you latch on to every other trend or term that social media throws at you?

Nope. Stop doing that already. You have got to kill your FOMO and embrace the JOMO. The ‘Joy of missing out’, ahh what a wonderful term.

  • Politics is for politicians; so for god’s sake would you speak your mind clearly?

Stop it with your expectations of people to understand you without you speaking. There is a limit to everything, even to what politicians say. So, speak your mind clearly and get what you want.

  • For how long you’ll sit behind? Take control of the wheels and zoom ahead.

Learn how to drive, learn how to ride, learn, learn, learn.

  • Would you please stop dancing to the misogynistic tunes of Bollywood?

Because Sheela Ki Jawani is not a thing or condition to dance about. Also, stop dancing for anyone, you are not a distressed Basanti.

  • Take pride in being a mother.

Because mothers are awesome and you don’t need foreign ideas to tell you otherwise.

Believe it or not, werewolves are real. They reside deep in our conscience, ready to be unleashed at regular intervals. Do not let all the anger go to waste that builds up inside you. Use it. Use it to set the course of your life straight. So be imposing and howl away.