Advisory Board

DR. AVINASH SAOJI Founder - Prayas

Community health is always a prime focus for Dr. Aavinash Saoji. He has devoted 33 years in the field of community health and avail 24/7 presence for the needy. A helpful, dynamic, and healthy personality, Dr. Saoji is doctor by profession and also motivational speaker, trainer, creative writer, and personal mentor. He is expert in lifestyle management and giving his contribution in various sectors to develop and grow. This multi-talented and dedicated personality enhancing his working and providing help to deprived people. Dr. Avinash is the founder of ‘Prayas Foundation’, it is NGO based in Amravati. This NGO help to reach maximum people to provide solutions for their troubles. ‘Prayas’ works for betterment of the health magnitudes like spiritual, physical, mental and social health. Prayag, an NGO works for the outlying sectors of the community. From last 12 years Dr. Saoji working to solve community troubles and help needy people by sharing resources with them. Dr. Saoji is still improving his knowledge and he is inspired by reading various books of Swami Vivekananda, Gandhiji, Baba Aamate, and Sane guruji. He believes that youth is the medium or the future of the nation. He is focusing on motivating and involving them into the social activities. It will help nation t grow fast and helpful to reach up to maximum people at a time. Dr. Saoji is not only the motivating youth but also, he conducts different health and education related programs for the rural ethnic population. He conducts workshop to provide proper guidance to the people regarding health fitness. He decides to live for 100 years and to dedicate himself for betterment to become nation stronger and bigger.